zondag 12 juli 2009

Look du jour

Well, yesterday's outfit actually, but I didn't have time to blog. I was too busy packing and my boyfriend came over for the evening. So I'll just cheat a little and still post it as 'look du jour'. Pictures aren't the best, but I still have to find a good spot for taking them.

Dress: H&M
Belt: Pieces
Heels: Van Haren
Necklaces: V&D, H&M and some store in Nice

I'm off for a short blog-start by the way, as I'm leaving for France this monday morning (way too early!!) for a holiday of nearly a month! I'll be back the 10th or 11th of august. But I will be back with loads of holiday outfits (hopefully), or holiday pictures at least.

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  1. nice... france for one month! hope you will have a nice holiday. and i like your outfit very much. i fall in love with your necklaces :D


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