zondag 6 september 2009

London, baby!

God, I suck at all things that need regular attention (think plants, fish, rooms that require tidying and - indeed - my blog). I'm sorry for the immense lack of updates! I will try to make it up sometime soon ;)
Anyhow, I've been in London for exactly two weeks now and one of the first results was that I feel like I have to change my entire wardrobe. (Some) people here have such an amazing style! I should really start making pictures. But it was to be expected, as Oxford Street is absolute heaven and (even better) as there is a huge shopping mall near my residence! I'm staying really close to Notting Hill, which - I think - is a perfect location. So far I haven't bought that much yet (must say things are quite expensive here), but I will need clothes for the winter (and parties!), so I think I'll go on a shoppingspree sometime soon.
So what have I done? Not that much actually! I've met up with an old friend, enjoyed the wonderful parks (I love them), have been to the zoo and the fashion and photography department of the Victoria&Albert museum. And to school (and Starbucks!) of course.Well, I think this is enough talking for today! I'll post some pictures of London and an outfit I wore last week to close this first London post!

I actually wore it with a big grey circle scarf to dress it down some more, and I put my hair up casually with a silver chain headband and wore bright red lipstick.. just to give you an idea of what the entire picture looked like haha.
Dress: New Look
Cardigan: Primark
Belt: H&M
Chain headband: Primark
Heels: Van Haren
Scarf (not in picture): Pieces
Tights: H&M

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  1. Je ziet er prachtig uit! Heel veel plezier nog in Londen!

  2. your style is great! and i know what you mean, the london people have a nice style :)


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